Toyota GR Yaris "Rallye" Rear Diff - 41110-52030

SKU 41110-52030

**Due to Popularity please get in contact for availability**




Limited Slip Differentials remove the uneven power delivery, Which results in less rotational drive train energy to the wheel that is losing traction. During spirited driving, track use or drag racing, the purpose of the LSD is to distribute the torque from the wheel that is losing traction to the one that has all the traction. In short eliminates the difference in rotation between the left and right wheel while the vehicle is preforming a turn with power being distributed evenly to each wheel


Would Suit :

 GR Yaris

Other Information:

- New Genuine Rally Torsen Differential from Toyota

- New Genuine Toyota Differential Gear Oil LX GL-5 75W85 (08885-02606) required when installing 

**Due to Popularity please get in contact for availability**

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