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Turbosmart was founded in 1996, and quickly encompassed the Australian market and established a name in the performance turbo accessories. Starting with just a two product line up, Turbosmart’s range has rapidly grown to encompass a constantly broader spectrum of performance accessories. Today, Turbosmart’s range consists of over 300 products in 12 different categories.

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Blow-off Valves

Blow-Off Valves Performance, reliability and high quality of manufacture sets Turbosmart BOVs apart from the rest. Made from tough and durable billet aluminium and including many innovative features like the billet V-band clamp for fast and reliable installation. Turbosmart BOVs have big flow capabilities while being small in size and light in weight. ...

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Wastegates & IWGs

A wastegate is a valve which controls the flow of exhaust gas from an engine to the turbocharger. By controlling the flow of exhaust gas to the turbine of the turbocharger, the wastegate can control the boost pressure provided by the turbocharger to the engine. The wastegate needs to be correctly sized for the engine and turbocharger combination to give the end user adequate control on boost pressure. There are two types of wastegates: external wastegates, and actuator driven internal wastegates. ...

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Boost Control

There are two types of boost controllers; mechanical and electronic. Mechanical (or manual) boost controllers offer up to two boost settings set by the driver and controlled via a switch. They are easy to fit, simple in operation and require little maintenance. Electronic boost controllers are a far more sophisticated solution offering a host of boost settings mapped against different triggers like gear change, time, rpm or a manual switch. ...

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Fuel Management

The installation of performance fuel injectors or a high-flow fuel pump requires the use of an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator to allow pressure adjustments while maintaining a stable base pressure. They can also be used to maximise a standard fuel system's ability to cope with minor power modifications. ...

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Fuel Cut Defenders

Most late model cars have in-built defence mechanisms to guard against increases in boost pressure. Such systems are important, but can be an obstacle when increasing boost pressure and the performance of your turbocharged engine. Turbosmart FCDs provide a reliable and accurate increase in the factory fuel cut-out level. A Turbosmart FCD will allow boost pressure to be increased above the factory level and prevent momentary shutdown of the fuel injectors - hence maximising the factory turbo system....

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Diesel Products

Turbosmart offers a wide range of products for your turbocharged diesel vehicle....

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Spares & Accessories

Spare parts and Accessories for your much loved Turbosmart products...