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Rules and Regulations                Exclusion Of Liability 


Our aim is to gather up any cars that are registered and used regularly that are quick - whether it be a fully purpose built to a sleeper - all are welcome to compete to be the fastest and most reliable around.

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How the competition works:

All vehicles need to be registered for road use, in road worthy condition and have appropriate insurances.

In order to complete the competition these cars need to meet at the designated sign on, drive to and from each track and run the quickest times possible.
At the end of the event, the quickest time from each track is added to make the total score, fastest (and most reliable) overall wins.

Class choices:
X235 Naturally Aspirated
X235 Blown
X275 Naturally Aspirated
X275 Blown

Dial Your Own classes - competitor that runs closest to their Dial In time at both tracks. (Times MUST be given before competition starts)


Our timing DOES NOT including the reaction times.

Competitors are allowed to have support vehicles follow along but as soon as the car gets trailered - they are out of the competition. We have made the support crew available as we feel it makes it more of a family and friends event.

Please note: Whilst support vehicles are welcome, we ask that they travel at the back of the group of cars whilst travelling to and from tracks.