Plazmaman WRX 96-07 Water 2 Air Intercooler

SKU 3474_4

Plazmaman's 750hp Water to Air Intercooler is designed to suit the Subaru WRX 1996 - 2007 Model (GC8 / GDA / GDB). This light weight compact design is to suit all race applications, with CNC billet end tanks and high flowing 750 water to air intercooler core. This is the intercooler unit only, from our PRO-Series 750hp water to air intercooler kit. Water to Air intercooling makes it extremely simple to achieve consistent charge air temperatures, without relying on external temperatures. As these units are mounted in a similar position to the factory top mount intercooler, the piping is extremely short, making for instant throttle response, and very minimal turbocharger lag.

This intercooler is also available in complete kit form - see related items below.

Please be advised that this will be supplied as a W2A unit only, you will have to make brackets to mount the unit. Due to the amount of different models and sizes we can make these, it is too hard for us to develop and stock all bracket styles. The Outlet side is a hose style outlet that fits directly onto the factory throttle body. The other end has to be bracketed. 

  • Be advised we can build these units to flow any hp level required. Please contact us if you require a custom size and shape. 

The Intercooler kit is available in raw and stealth black finish.

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