Turbosmart WG40 GenV Compgate 40 Black TS-0552-1012 TS-0552-1002

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WG40 GenV Compgate 40 Black
TS-0552-1012 TS-0552-1002

Other Information:

Boost control is always the most important priority in the development of Turbosmart technologies and that was no different with the newest wastegate range. The Turbosmart diaphragm design offers linear travel, regardless of spring, pressure and valve position, while improving response. For fine-tuning boost pressure, a selection of springs will be supplied with each wastegate – resulting in a range from 3psi up to 26psi. All wastegates are a direct fit upgrade to all 4th-generation Turbosmart wastegates and feature our unique collar-locking system, completely variable actuator cap and base, strap-type V-band clamps, liquid-cooling, 1/8" NPT ports for maximum response and flow while maintaining a high level of compatibility for fittings, and are provided with a range of springs.
Product features summary:
Modular interchangeable actuators
Independently orientated actuator base
New strap type V band clamps
Increased thermal and flow performance, and;
A diaphragm design that offers linear travel; regardless of spring, pressure and valve positioning, while improving response.
Integrated water cooling ports (if required)
Included in box:
Turbosmart Gen V Wastegate
Valve seat
Inlet V-band clamp
Inlet weld flange
Outlet V-band clamp
Outlet weld flange
Collar tool
Spring kit
Fitting kit

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