Turbo Kit RB20 RB25 RB26 Garrett GTX4088 ball bearing, 6Boost Turbo manifold, TURBOSMART 50MM GENV wastegate

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Turbo Kit RB20/25/26 Garrett GTX4088 ball bearing, 6Boost Turbo manifold, TURBOSMART 50MM GENV wastegate

Would Suit :

We have these to suit rb20/25 and rb26 engines please email us after ordering to let us know which you require thanks so we can supply the correct manifold studs.

Other Information:

We have a few selections listed in purchase options, but we can make any kit to suit your needs, from high mount, low mount, single entry, split pulse, T3, T4, Vband, single and twin wastegates. All our kits only include GENUINE products and come with all warranty supplied by manufactures. Please email if you require a custom kit Thankyou.