Syltech 10 Bar Motorsport Precision Pressure Sensor DTM06-3S-E007 Connector


We’re proud to announce the first of Syltech’s motorsport sensor range!
This MSPP-3P series is aimed at the higher end of the aftermarket automotive scene offering Fluid and MAP pressure sensors at a full-scale accuracy of ±0.5%. To ensure longevity, these sensors have a laser welded diaphragm to cancel out any possibility of contaminants pushing past the conventional o-ring type seal stopping the possibility for premature failures of the internal circuitry!

Best thing about Syltech’s new motorsport range is that they sport the universally loved Deutsch DTM connectors instead of the troublesome dated connectors. All sensors will include a bootable DTM connector (-E007 range) and gold plated pins (0462 201 2031) to ensure only the best for your builds!

We currently stock 10 Bar (Gauge) fluid pressure sensors capable of measuring any fluid you throw at it; Oil, ethanol, methanol, diesel, coolant, cola, ribena, etc!
Also 4 & 5 Bar (Absolute) MAP sensors for higher end boosted application cars that see beyond the usual ~28psi and need an accurate reading.

Stay tuned for their other ranges that incorporate pressure & temperature combinations, as well as fast response temp sensors! We can’t wait. 

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