Radium Fuel Level Senders for Radium Cells - 11.7in (20-0747-297)

SKU 20-0747-297

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 This fuel level sensor uses the standard SAE 5-bolt mounting pattern, extensively used with the Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank.

Full stainless steel sealed construction with magnetic float. Suitable for use with gasoline, diesel, water, and all alcohol based fuels including methanol, ethanol, E85, etc.

The fuel level sender is easy to install using the supplied hardware and Deutsch connectors (gauge not included).


Would Suit :

Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank in conjunction with Radium 15 Gallon Fuel Cell.


Other Information:

- All level senders are 0 ohms empty to 90 ohms full (common with many OEM gauges.)
- To test the sender, measure the resistance between the two wires while tipping the sender to allow the float to move.

Each level sender includes the following:
- Level Sensing Probe
- SAE 5-Bolt Gasket
- Stainless Bolts 10-32 (x5)
- Deutsch DT 2P Connector
- Deutsch DT Sockets (x2)


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