Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank (20-0690-00) (20-0692-00)

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The Radium Engineering Fuel Cell Surge Tank is a drop-in fuel pump system for Radium Engineering's popular fuel cells or any cell that uses the industry standard 6x10 24-bolt fill plate bolt pattern. The FCST is designed to protect EFI vehicles that experience fuel starvation. It is NOT a glorified trap door box with baffles. It features a true dual-chamber fuel tank utilizing a single lift pump and up to 3 surge tank pumps all packaged inside the fuel cell. It provides all the benefits of a traditonal external fuel surge tank without safety concerns and plumbing complexity. 

A lift pump scavenges fuel from the bottom of the fuel cell and pumps it into the 2 liter surge tank. Inside the surge tank canister, up to 3 EFI fuel pumps can be used to feed high pressure fuel to the engine. If the lift pump starves, the volume inside the surge tank canister will keep the surge tank pumps fed and the engine supplied with fuel. The return from the pressure regulator is also routed to the surge tank canister to help keep it full.

Other features include:

- Simplified servicing features eliminating nylon sealing washers and fuel cell retaining brackets.
- Full CNC aluminum construction with anodized surfacing for superior corrosion resistance.
- Fuel compatibility: leaded and unleaded gasoline, methanol, ethanol, E85, etc.
- Dynamic safety vent valve with rollover protection and fuel fill shut-off.
- Optional fuel surge tank level switch and diagnostic LED failsafe port.


Would Suit :

To install a Radium Engineering FCST into a fuel cell, the following criteria must be met:
1. The cell must have the industry standard 6"x10" 24-bolt flange opening.
2. The opening must be on the top face of the fuel cell (i.e. not a side face).
3. The cell depth must be at least 7.7" (196mm) measured from the outer top face to the internal bottom face.

Perfectly paired with the Radium RA series 15 Gallon Fuel Cell (20-0615) also sold here at Goleby's Parts and Fabrication.

Other Information:


A fuel cell is not included with the FCST. The fuel cell MUST use a 6x10, 24-bolt fill plate flange. The distance from the outer top face to the internal botton face must be at least 7.7" (196mm). The distance from the top of the fuel cell to the bottom of the lift pump filter (lowest point of the kit) is adjustable. However, if the fuel cell is deeper than 10 inches, a lift pump extension will need to be purchased.

Radium RA series 15 Gallon Fuel Cell (20-0615)


A 6-bolt (2.18" B.C.) filler. Direct or remote filling options available by special order from Radium via Goleby's.

A hose and/or filter must be connected to the "VENT" port fitting.

A fuel level sender can also be ordered if required for your application.

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