Radiator Flush

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Radiator Flush is a fast acting (7 Minute), alkaline cooling system cleaner designed to remove rust, scale and other deposits from automotive cooling systems that could block or foul circulation of coolant though the radiator or engine.

Would Suit :

Radiator Flush is recommended to clean out the cooling system of all types of passenger cars, 4WD's, light & heavy duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agriculture, mining, construction and stationary engines.

Radiator Flush is designed to be used prior to new coolant being added to the vehicles cooling system as this will ensure the cooling system is free from rust, scale or any other residue which could block or foul the cooling system and prevent the new coolant from functioning as intended. It will also neutralise any leftover coolant remaining in the engine eliminating compatibility issues if changing coolant types.

Radiator Flush can also be used where any type of coolant has been present in the cooling system and is harmless to all metals, rubber, plastic and seals. We recommend refilling with a quality OEM approved Penrite anti-freeze anti-boil coolant such as -
Red OEM Coolant (OEM Approved) Premix
Red OEM Coolant (OEM Approved) Concentrate
Green OEM Coolant (OEM Approved) Premix
Green OEM Coolant (OEM Approved) Concentrate
Blue OEM Coolant (OEM Approved) Premix
Blue OEM Coolant (OEM Approved) Concentrate
350,000KM Green Coolant Premix
350,000KM Green Coolant Concentrate
Universal Top Up Premix
RCI100,000 KM Concentrate

Other Information:

      Use 1 bottle for up to 15 Litres capacity

      • Drain Cooling System
      • Refill radiator with clean water
      • Add Radiator Flush to cooling system
      • Start Engine and turn on heater
      • Run engine for 10 - 15 minutes, this includes 7 minutes cleaning time
      • Turn off engine, allow to cool
      • Drain cooling system
      • Refill with appropriate Penrite Coolant

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