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Racing Brake Fluid is a Premium Full Synthetic, non silicone, Super DOT 4 Plus brake fluid for superior performance in severe braking conditions.

Would Suit :

RACING BRAKE FLUID is designed for use in Hydraulic brake and clutch systems in all types of competition - cars, trucks, motorcycles, go-karts and other racing vehicles involved in all forms of competition including rally and circuit racing. It is also ideal for high performance on and off-road vehicles requiring the ultimate high temperature brake and Clutch Fluid.

RACING BRAKE FLUID has been competition proven and tested in Australian conditions in many forms of motorsport including V8 Supercars, Production Cars, GT Race Cars, Open Wheelers, Motor Cross, Drag Racing, Drifting and Go Karting where maximum performance and reliability is required from the fluid.

RACING BRAKE FLUID is the ultimate Super Dot 4 Plus high temperature brake fluid with a 316° C / 600° F boiling point.

Other Information:

For best results the following change intervals are recommended

On-Road Use -12 months
Club Racing - 6 months
Extreme service competition after each meeting

Do not mix with DOT 3 or silicone DOT 5 fluids.
Do not use in brake cylinders & reservoirs with a high percentage content of Magnesium.
Do not use in conjunction with silicone type assembly compounds.

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