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Power Steering Fluid "with Stop-leak Additive Technology" is a Premium Mineral based, multipurpose power steering fluid designed for use in power steering units that specify conventional type Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF's) i.e. DEXRON® II & III Fluids. It contains special Anti-Shudder additives not found in ATFs, that are designed to provide enhanced wear protection, longer service Life and reduce noise in all conditions. It is also formulated with "Stop-leak Additive Technology" to minimise leaks due to deteriorated or worn seals and gaskets.

Would Suit :

Power Steering Fluid is designed for service re-fill or top-up in Australian, US, Japanese, European & Korean manufactured power steering units in cars and trucks that originally use an automatic transmission fluid

Other Information:

Power Steering Fluid is also suitable for all Ford EF-FG, Territory SX-SY Series, Tickford & FPV series vehicles where Ford M2C134-C/D is specified.Power Steering Fluid should not be used in Honda units (use Penrite HPSO), electronic power steering systems or in systems that use highly specialised or synthetic fluids such as Penrite LHM Plus, LDAS or PAS fluids. It is not recommended for Land Rover Ace systems (use Penrite PAS Fluid), where DEXRON® VI is specified (use Penrite ATF LV or Penrite PAS Fluid) and in European vehicles that require CHF 11S fluid (use Penrite LDAS Fluid).

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