Plazmaman XR6 Falcon BA/BF Hot Side Piping Kit


This competition hot side piping kit is to suit the Ford Falcon BA, and BF XR6 Turbo models. This piping kit replaces the factory rubber hose that runs from the intercooler on the driver's side, to the compressor housing outlet on the turbocharger. Completely constructed from CNC aluminium mandrel bent piping, this kit prevents any flex or compression under high RPM and boost levels. Another advantage of running a larger than factory internally smooth hard pipe is that it encourages earlier turbo spool up and better throttle response throughout the rev range.

There are two size options available for the hot side piping kit, 63mm/2.5" diameter (up to 380rwkw) and 70mm/2.75" (400rwkw+). There are also two silicone hose size options to choose from, for those who may have fitted an 0.70a/r upgrade compressor housing.

  • The piping is available in two finishes; raw and stealth black.

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