Platinum Racing Products SR20 R35GTR Full kit MINUS COILS

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Brand new


* Billet Alloy bracket is engineered to fit all ignition coils in a manner that allows easy access to all the coil plugs in a non-invasive manner.
* Custom made stalks included which allow the ignition coil to reach the spark plug.
* Coil kit fits under the valley cover without ANY modification.
* Wiring loom is manufactured with new OEM plugs, braid covered, Mil-spec crimping.
* Our Coil bracket is specifically designed to seal the spark plug well on the rocker cover with a close Oring fit.
* Optional colours available BLACK, PURPLE, RED, SILVER, RAW, GOLD with other colours possible on request.
* Bolt kit included
* Lifetime warranty on all Platinum Racing Products hardware.

Would Suit :

All SR20DET motors

Other Information:

This kit includes mounting bracket + hardware + stalks and harness. NO COILPACKS included.


Includes mounting bracket + hardware + ignition coil stalks.

If you need help working out what series SR20 you have please refer to here: