PHR Street Torque Turbo Manifold for 2JZ-GTE

SKU PHR 01012009


PHR is proud to offer our entry level turbo manifold for the 2jz-gte motor. This cast manifold offers a simple option for converting your motor to single turbo.

Focused on on quick spool, and high torque numbers this manifold is perfect for street driven vehicles. Also, paired with higher horsepower producing turbos, has seen over 800hp to the wheels.

The PHR Street Torque Manifold features CNC porting on the wastegate port for prevention of boost creep you will find in other similarly designed manifolds.

There is no easier turbo manifold to work on, install, make quick changes and service. We recommend ordering with our wastegate adapter for optimal wastegate placement of V-band style wastegates like the Tial MVR or the Precision Turbo 46mm.

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