MS6.1 Gasoline PFI ECU

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The MS 6.1 engine control unit manages gasoline engines up to 12 cylinders. As a member of our MS 6
family it features a powerful digital processing core
with floating point arithmetic and a high-end FPGA for
ultimate performance and flexibility. The MS 6 family
utilizes a new software development process based on
MATLAB/Simulink which significantly speeds algorithm
development by using automatic code and documentation generation. Custom functions can be quickly and
easily generated. The flexible hardware design allows
the MS 6.1 to support complex or unusual engine or
chassis configurations.

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A wide range of software expansions are available for this ECU. Please contact in regards to purchasing software expansions. 

Software Options (not included)
Engine Function Package I Electronic throttle control, VVT,
Turbo control
Engine Function Package II Traction and launch control
Measurement Package Increase to 41 analog inputs
Logger Package I Extension for Partition 1: up to 720
channels, fastest sampling
1,000 Hz or 1 synchro, (max number of 1,080 channels to respect)
Logger Package II Partition 2: 720 channels, 1 GB
memory, fastest sampling
1,000 Hz or 1 synchro, long-term
recording, own data protection
code (max number of 1,080 channels to respect)
Logger Package III Copy data to USB data stick, USBport unlocked
• Incl. adapter cable to USBport
• Incl. rugged USB flash drive
• Incl. connector for wiring
2 | Engine Control Unit MS 6.1
Gear Control Package I Gear control Mega-Line functionality, has to be used with Mega-Line
(License model via Megaline)
Gear Control Package II Gear control Bosch Motorsport
Gear Control Package III Gear control coordination to external GCU systems
(included for base versions beginning with MS6A_BASE_0800 or
Ethernet Telemetry Communication via Ethernet Telemetry Modem
Innovation License Device Activation of engine speed functions* per unit
Innovation Package Project Activation of engine speed functions* per project version