Mishimoto Turbo Blanket Hardare Kit Fits Mishimoto Turbo Blankets MMTB-HDWR



  • Secures Mishimoto turbo blankets to turbocharger
  • Includes 70" (18 cm) of 304 stainless-steel wire and two 304 stainless steel springs
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


Secure your Mishimoto turbo blanket to your turbo with this hardware kit. This kit includes a 70" (18 cm) spool of 304 stainless-steel wire and two 304 stainless-steel springs to suit any installation.


(2) Stainless-Steel Springs
(1) Spool Stainless-Steel Wire
(1) Note Card
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


Installation Tips:

1. Always wear protective gloves when handling the turbo blankets. The product contains loose glass fibers that may irritate the skin.

2. Mishimoto turbo blankets are constructed with fire retardant material. However, if the fabric is contaminated with a flammable liquid such as fuel and oil, a fire can start and propagate on the turbo blanket.

3. Mishimoto turbo blankets are not designed to be removed and reinstalled multiple times. They will become rigid and brittle after several heat cycles due to the material's thermal properties.

4. Ensure that the turbo blanket and fastening parts do not interfere with moving components on and near the turbo during installation.

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