Kelford Cams EJ20 WRX STi Non-AVCS (Version 5-6)

SKU 199-B

Performance Cams for Subaru EJ20 WRX STi Non-AVCS (Version 5-6)


This range of Kelford Camshafts suit the Version 5-6 engines that do not have AVCS. In this range we list camshafts to suit the stock bucket with shim on top and also some higher lift versions that suit engine builders that change to the 'shimless' buckets. The cams for shimless buckets cannot be used on the conventional shim on top system.

High performance camshafts for Subaru EJ engines are our second most popular product and they are found in race engines all over the world. We believe that Kelford Cams make the best high performance Subaru camshafts available. All of these cams are manufactured in-house using ultra modern design systems and ground using masterless CNC grinders with CBN cutting wheel technology for superior quality and consistency.

In addition to our catalogue range, we can manufacture custom cams to your specifications, or design a profile to suit your specific application.


199-B Camshaft Set

256&252/264 Degrees advertised duration. 9.35mm&9.35mm/9.35mm lift.

High torque cams to suit near stock engines. Ideal in 36mm restrictor classes.

199-C Camshaft Set

268&264/264 Degrees advertised duration. 10.30mm&10.00mm/10.00mm lift.

264 degree camshafts to suit street strip and track applications, requires ecu and turbo upgrade.

199-E Camshaft Set

274&270/270 Degrees advertised duration. 10.60mm&10.60mm/10.60mm lift.

272 degree high performance camshafts to suit most motorsport applications. Suits well built engines on E85.

199-J Camshaft Set

264&260/260 Degrees advertised duration. 10.70mm&10.20mm/10.20mm lift.

Race and Rally camshafts. High lift, low duration design for great throttle response. Must have shimless buckets and aftermarket ECU.

199-K Camshaft Set

272&268/268 Degrees advertised duration. 11.30mm&10.50mm/10.50mm lift.

High lift 272 degree racing camshafts. Requires cylinder head modification to fit. Suits well built competition motors. Good on E85 fuel. Must have shimless buckets and aftermarket ECU.

199-L Camshaft Set

282&278/278 Degrees advertised duration. 11.50mm&11.00mm/11.00mm lift.

High lift 282 degree racing duration racing camshafts, Requires cylinder head modification to fit. Suits well built motors with larger intake manifolds. Good on E85 fuel. Must have shimless buckets and aftermarket ECU.

199-M Camshaft Set

292&288/294 Degrees advertised duration. 11.00mm&11.00mm/11.00mm lift.

290 degree camshafts to suit high boost, high rpm Drag racing engines. Must be run with fixed timing, not suitable in variable situations.