Haltech PD16 + Keypad Expansion Bundle

SKU HT-498008

Haltech PD16 + Keypad Expansion Bundle

Promo Wednesday 31st August 2022

What's included in the Expansion Bundle:

Haltech PD16 Power Distribution Module. Designed to integrate seemlessly into your existing Haltech Elite or Nexus engine management system, the PD16 delivers safe, dependable power delivery to your vehicle. Available either on its own, with a Plug and Pin set or a Flying Lead Harness.

Haltech CAN Keypad. A plug and play control solution for your Haltech system. With soft touch, ergonomically designed buttons, the Haltech CAN Keypad is easy to use and simple to configure. Available in either 8 or 15 button configuration.

What's included in the Haltech Promo Pack:Haltech Backpack, Haltech Laptop Sleeve. Haltech Koozie, Lanyard Fabric Keytag, Haltech Page Up for Power Foam Finger.

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