HALTECH HT-159000 Elite Can Hub 4 Port DTM

SKU 4478

Brand new


The Elite CAN Hub features four DTM4 ports and can be used for connecting up to three CAN devices. The Elite CAN Hub ships with a DTM4 to DTM4 CAN cable.

Would Suit :

All DTM4 can devices

Other Information:

All Haltech Platinum CAN devices will come with a DTM4 to Tyco 8 pin cable (300mm instead of 600mm) making them Plug’n’Play compatible with both the ECU and the new DTM4 CAN Hub.

Platinum PRO Plugin ECUs (and Sport GM) will now include a Tyco 8 to DTM4 Female/Socket to make them Plug’n’Play compatible with the new DTM4 cabling.

Haltech IQ3 Street Dashes will be packaged with a DTM2 to DTM4 CAN cable.

Both gaugeART products will be supplied with DTM4 connectors fitted (instead of Tyco 8).

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