HALTECH HT-159000 Elite Can Hub 4 Port DTM

SKU HT-159000

Brand new


The Elite CAN Hub features four DTM4 ports and can be used for connecting up to three CAN devices. The Elite CAN Hub ships with a DTM4 to DTM4 CAN cable.

Would Suit :

All DTM4 can devices

Other Information:

All Haltech Platinum CAN devices will come with a DTM4 to Tyco 8 pin cable (300mm instead of 600mm) making them Plug'n'Play compatible with both the ECU and the new DTM4 CAN Hub.

Platinum PRO Plugin ECUs (and Sport GM) will now include a Tyco 8 to DTM4 Female/Socket to make them Plug'n'Play compatible with the new DTM4 cabling.

Haltech IQ3 Street Dashes will be packaged with a DTM2 to DTM4 CAN cable.

Both gaugeART products will be supplied with DTM4 connectors fitted (instead of Tyco 8).

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