Galant VR4 Pro Series Intercooler Kit

SKU 3508_1

Plazmaman’s 850hp Tube & Fin intercooler kit is designed to suit the Mitsubishi Galant VR4 4G63 (E39A) model.

The intercooler is manufactured using a high quality lightweight 480mm x 275mm x 76mm Tube & Fin intercooler core, capable of flowing up to 850hp. This intercooler core is a high quality core, and weighs 6.4kgs making it one of the lightest and best recovering intercoolers on the open market.
Not wanting to stray too far from Mitsuibishi’s basic intercooler concept, we concentrated on creating an intercooler suited to more consistent power. By using the basic OEM style of core, we chose larger air flow tubes, retaining a similar internal and external fin arrangement for maximum heat dispersion. A special angle and thickness of fin arrangement is also used to maximize the flow capacity of the core. As this is an OEM replacement intercooler, it suits the factory intercooler piping, or a Plazmaman aftermarket piping kit.
The Intercooler & piping is available in raw, polished or stealth black finish.

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