Fuel Pump Power Bulkhead Terminal (AI-PT)

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The Aftermarket Industries Fuel Pump Power Bulkhead Terminal (Design Protected) is designed specifically for anyone who is considering upgrading or has upgraded their OEM fuel pump to an aftermarket performance fuel pump (Walbro 255, Walbro 460, Walbro 520 etc). The fact is an OEM electrical connector will NOT support the current & amperage requirements of these aftermarket pumps with most connectors rated at 7.5A; a single Walbro 460, depending on whether it is being used a surge-tank-supply pre pump or as the stand-alone supply pump, will draw 12A at the very least (less than 40psi fuel pressure) and up to 21A under high pressure (80psi+)

Simply cut a hole (26-28mm), insert the Power Terminal, secure both ends and connect your wires; he oring has a burst seal strength well beyond 350psi and we guarantee ZERO vapour loss.

Product Specifications

Amperage Capability: 40A per pump, up to two (2) aftermarket fuel pumps (14AWG Tefzel wire recommended)

Package Includes:

1 & 2 Power Terminal (Upper - POM black plastic/Lower - 6061-T6 purple anodise)

3. Viton Oring

4. Stainless Steel Power Studs (Upper M5/Lower M4)

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