Radium Fuel Pump Adapter for Toyota Hangers (20-0032)

SKU 20-0032

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The Radium Engineering anodized aluminum adapter allows -6AN hose to be used with many OEM Toyota fuel pump housing outlets including Lexus, Scion, and Lotus 2ZZ-GE variations. This 1996 pump module design by Toyota is found on almost every model and is still used currently. We cannot confirm all vehicles so some research many need to be performed by the installer. 

The adapter fitting was designed to be ultra low-profile so the -6AN mating hose will have the best chance to fit underneath the OEM fuel pump access cover. 

Would Suit :

Most Toyota hangers

Other Information:

NOTE: if the vehicle uses the yellow locking clip shown, chances are this Radium Engineering adapter fitting will be compatible. 

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