Evo 4-6 RACE Swept Back Intercooler

SKU 3466_1

Introducing Plazmaman’s 850hp Tube & Fin Sweptback intercooler to suit the Mitsubishi Lancer, Evo 4-6 (CN9A / CP9A) models.

This intercooler is for those wanting big boost, whilst maintaining reliable and sustainable horsepower. Featuring Plazmaman’s unique swept back end tank design, and custom high horsepower 600mm x 300mm x 76mm Core. This intercooler bolts into the factory mounting position, but will not work with OEM intercooler piping due to the size of the core. A Plazmaman piping kit, or custom piping is required (see related items below).
The Intercooler is available in raw, polished or stealth black finish.
This intercooler can be purchased as a complete intercooler kit (see related items below).

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