Elite Pro Plug-in ECU Ford Falcon I6 Barra HT-154000 HT-154006

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Haltech’s new Elite Pro Plug-in ECU offers a true Plug’n’Play upgrade option for the popular Barra-powered Ford Falcon models.

No messy and time-consuming re-wiring required – the Elite Pro Plug-in connects directly to the factory wiring harness and fits perfectly in the factory ECU location.

With an on-board wideband controller and sophisticated race functions the Elite Pro Plug-in is one of Haltech’s most advanced ECUs to date.

Apart from performance-oriented features like closed loop boost control, anti-lag and launch control, short and long term learning for fuel, ignition, boost and idle, the new Elite Pro Plug-in also controls all factory functions including variable cam control, cruise control, dash cluster and even the 6-speed automatic transmission.

Ideal performance upgrade for naturally aspirated and turbocharged Ford Falcons!

Would Suit:

Ford Falcon BA (02-05), BF (05-08), FG (08-14) I6 4.0L DOHC VCT Barra engine with manual trans. Ford Falcon BF (05-08), FG (08-14) I6 4.0L DOHC VCT Barra engine with ZF 6HP26 6-speed auto. Naturally aspirated and turbo.


Elite PRO Plug-in ECU, Auxiliary I/O harness with AMP 34 Pin 4 row 4 keyway superseal connector, 300mm (12") Elite CAN DTM-4 female receptacle/socket, 30 waterproofing/blanking pins and 10 spare pins to populate auxiliary I/O positions. Wideband hardware pack with LSU 4.9 sensor, 1.2m (4') harness and weld-on sensor bung. 400mm (16") Waterproof (Type B) USB Connection Cable to Mini Circular (90°) with waterproof cap.
Other Information:

• Die cast aluminium, water resistant case.
• On-board automatic transmission control via CAN (ZF 6HP26).
• E85 Flex Fuel ready.
• Multi-fuel support. Petrol, Methanol and Ethanol.
• Internal single channel wideband (supports LSU4.9 sensor).
• Variable cam control.
• Cruise control.
• OBDII compatible. Set and clear diagnostic trouble codes, view live engine data.
• Short and long term fuel, ignition, boost and idle control learning.
• Knock control with high speed digital filtering.
• Closed loop boost control. Tune by gear, wheel speed or time.
• Closed loop idle control with learning for consistent idle stability.
• Closed loop 02 control.
• Anti-lag and launch control with drag and rally modes.
• Multi level engine protection.
• ESP calibration software. Intuitive and easy to use, ESP offers
limitless tuning flexibility. Tune your engine by a combination of
4D tuning tables combined with 3D per cylinder compensations
and multiple user definable corrections.

• 6 x current controlled injector drivers (OEM). High or Low impedance injector compatible.
• 8 x additional injector outputs available for staged injection,
unused staged injector outputs are available
to be used as generic programmable DPOs.
• 6 x ignition outputs to support OEM Ford coils directly
• Digital pulsed outputs – as per OEM.
• Drive By Wire (DBW) output suits any throttle body and pedal including Ford OEM.

• Analogue voltage inputs (AVI): as per OEM.
• 4 x additional user definable AVIs available on the auxiliary connector.
• Digital pulsed inputs (DPI): as per OEM.
• 4 x additional user definable DPIs used for measuring duty cycle, frequency or state.
• Engine position inputs: as per OEM. Supports Ford Barra trigger pattern.
Alternate generic trigger support also available.
• Knock inputs: as per OEM.

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