Bosch Universal Pressure and Temperature Sensor (0261230340)

SKU 0261230340

Brand new Bosch 0 261 230 340 Combined pressure and temp sensor


- Combined Temperature and Pressure sensor. 2x Sensors in one..!!
- 0 - 10.0 bar (145psi) Pressure Sensor for liquid
- -40 - 140 deg C Temperature sensor for liquid
- Bosch Trapez 4-pin connector
- 45degree cone seat, M10x1 fitting
- Suitable for Diesel, gasoline, water, engine oil, transmission oil

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Other Information:

Stainless steel internals 
M10X1 thread on sensor
We highly recommend remote mounting these sensors as mounting straight into an engine block can run vibrations through the sensor and cause premature failure of the sensor.
Specifications: Pressure readings: 0-10Bar  Temperature readings: -40C - 140C