Bosch 1650cc Stainless Injector E85 0280158333

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Brand new (Genuine Bosch Product BEWARE of Fake products listed as Genuine, We buy direct from Bosch Motorsport Australia so you can be Guaranteed 100% Genuine products everytime)


Bosch 1650cc stainless steel internal injectors

- 1462cc/min = 1000g/min = 132lb/hr @ 3bar
- Single cone spray
- Compact body length
- Regular tip nozzle
- Jetronic connector
- 8.5 ohm resistance
- E85 compatible
- Commonly referred to as Bosch 1550/1650cc injector

Would Suit :


Other Information:

E85 Compatible

Stainless steel internals

Flow Matching:
We purchase all our Bosch injectors in large quantitys and are able to use this to get injectors matched far closer than straight out of the box.
Our injectors are matched at 12ms/1500rpm, 8ms/3500rpm and 4ms/6000rpm.

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