Borg Warner S400SX4 S480 (80mm/88mm) Turbocharger

SKU 177287

Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
Cooling System: Oil Cooled Only
Turbine Housing: Externally Wastegated, 1.32a/r TV/T6 Dual Entry
Base Flange: TV/T6 Dual Entry
Exhaust Outlet Flange: 5.75" V-Band
Horsepower: 750-1250hp

Exhaust Housing Add-on Options: 1.15 A/R, 1.45 A/R, 1.58 A/R

Would Suit :

Universal fitment

Other Information:

Select your housing option from the drop down menu.

The standard exhaust housing included is a 1.32 A/R housing, with 3 add-on options available to increase or decrease the A/R for your specific application.

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