Borg Warner S362 (Billet 62mm) Turbocharger

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Bearing Type: Journal Bearing.
Cooling System: Oil Cooled Only.
Standard Turbine Housing: Externally Wastegated, 1.10a/r T04 Dual Entry
Turbine Housing Options: Externally Wastegated, 0.88a/r T04 Single Entry, 0.91a/r & 1.00a/r T04 Dual Entry.
Base Flange: T04 Dual or Single Entry depending on Turbine Housing choice.
Exhaust Outlet Flange: 4.0" V-Band (Extended Turbine Outlet on the 1.10a/r Turbine Housing).
Horsepower: 320-800hp.
Billet compressor wheel

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Universal fitment

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