Ai 50MM Fuel Hose Adaptor & Fuel Tank Flange (50MM-AI-FT)

SKU 4501_1

Aftermarket Industries 50mm fuel hose adaptor & weld-on fuel tank flange kit is designed for custom fuel tanks and those that wish to use 50mm ID fuel hose to fill their fuel tank.

NOTE: Billet Weld-on Fuel Tank Flange is OPTIONAL: Please make your selection via the options above - "Weld-on Fuel Tank Flange"

Package includes the following items:

1. Weld-on Fuel Tank Flange (6061-T6)

2. 50mm Fuel Hose Adaptor (6061-T6, Black Anodise)

3. Viton O-ring (Compatibility: Unleaded, Ethanol)

4. Capscrew Fasteners (M5, 304 Stainless Steel)

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