Plazmaman 530x410x76mm 'LS Style' Commodore Pro Series Intercooler - 1250hp VT-VX, VY-VZ & VE-VF

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Introducing Plazmaman's 1200hp+ Pro Series Tube & Fin Sweptback intercooler to suit Holden Commodore, VT through to VF Series.

These intercoolers are not limited to LSX use, if you have a VT “ VF series with an engine conversion, with the goal of 1200hp+, this intercooler will still be suitable. These intercoolers are unique, and utilize our swept back style end tank technology, whilst still only weighing in at 8.3 kgs total.

As all engine combinations, turbocharger and supercharger positions are different, the intercooler will require custom piping to suit once fitted. 

 “ 530mm x 410mm x 76mm (900-1250hp) 

Product Options;

  • This intercooler can be ordered with push-on hose style inlet/outlet.
  • This intercooler can be ordered with Plazmaclamp assemblies.
  • We can build a completely custom end tank style “ please Contact Us to discuss further options.

The Intercooler is available in raw, polished or stealth black finish.

Please be advised that the flow rating figures for this intercooler is based on CFM flow figures and experience. These figures might not be correct if a larger capacity engine (6 Litre +) and/or larger body 90mm + front blade size turbocharger is used. Please contact us if you fall into this category for intercooler requirement. 

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