Plazmaman 500x400x100mm 'LS Style' Commodore Pro Series Intercooler - 1600-1800hp VE-VF & VT-VZ

SKU 3445_9


Plazmaman Universal Pro Series Intercooler.

Standard Specifications;

  • 1400-1800hp + Rated.
  • Lightweight tube & fin race spec core design.
  • Perfect for turbocharged or supercharged vehicles. We have specific cores to suit both applications. (Please choose correct forced Induction type in checkout).
  • We have x2 core width and power handling options available.
  • Fabricated bottom inlet/outlet end tanks, with your option of outlet styles. Standard build size in 3.5" outlets which will cover most vehicles power requirements.
  • Available in Raw, Black or Polished finish.

Product Options;

  • This intercooler can be ordered with hose style bottom inlet/outlet end tanks.
  • This intercooler can be ordered with Plazmaclamp assemblies.
  • We can build a completely custom end tank style “ Please Contact Us To Discuss Further Options

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