Goleby's Parts 1JZ + 2JZ 1200HP Long Engine Parts Package


Brand new


Goleby's Parts 1JZ + 2JZ 1200HP Long Engine Parts Package

Parts Consists of :

CP Forged Pistons including 0.250" upgraded Wrist Pins, Rings + Circlips

Spool Drag Pro I-Beam Conrods Incuding ARP2000 7/16 Rod bolts)

ARP Main Studs

BPP Billet Main Caps

ACL 1JZ/2JZ Race Series Bearings (H or HX)

Genuine 2JZGTE Oil Pump

GRP Engineering VRS gasket kit including Genuine Toyota Head Gasket

Genuine Toyota Oil Pump + Sump O-Rings + Oil Pickup Gasket

Kelford 282/286 Degree Camshafts T202-F

Supertech Dual Valve Springs and Retainer Kit

Brian Crower Int + Exh Valves (STD or 1mm + O/S)

Arp CA625+ Head Studs

Genuine Toyota Shimless Bucket Kit

Goleby's Parts Adjustable Cam Gears

Gates Racing Timing Belt Kit inc Billet Tensioner Bracket/Idler + Hyd tensioner + Seals

Genuine Toyota 2JZGTE Water Pump and Goleby's Parts Water Pump Pulley

Ross Performance 2JZGTE Gold Series Harmonic Balancer



Upon purchasing please contact us and we will email you a spec sheet for you to fill out, if this package doesn't suit your needs please contact our sales staff and we can make a custom package to suit your needs. 

Optional: Brian Crower Int+Exh Valve Guides - *These are rarely needed as the factory guides are fine and wil be additional labour/parts cost.


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