1JZ/2JZ Supra REAR SUMP Baffle Box & Surge Plate SPORTSMAN version

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Oil control panels for rear sump 1JZ-2JZ Supra and some Lexus engines. This is the SPORTSMAN version which allows the use of the factory oil level sensor. The 2JZ engine while being very strong physically has some real problems when it comes to oil control. The sump is a problem, being very shallow & wide both fore & aft with no surge control. The factory panel does nothing to control surge, it’s basically just to prevent the crank from whipping up the sump oil into the rotating assembly. This system is the best available for the factory sump. Whilst not being specifically designed for dedicated drag use, when I designed it I took into account high rates of acceleration and decceleration. SEE MY OTHER LISTING FOR THE WINDAGE TRAY TO COMPLEMENT THE BAFFLE BOX/SURGE PLATE. YOU ARE PURCHASING THE BAFFLE BOX & SURGE PLATE ONLY. ALL OTHER PARTS ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY.

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Prior to shipment we will need photos of your EXACT sump you're are using as between models/series/build dates the sump setups can change

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